Will Online Counseling Do Good For You?

Counseling Session - Empathy

Believe it or not, online counseling isn’t a new thing. In fact, other terms that are used for online counseling are online therapy, e-therapy, internet counseling and cybertherapy. Many professionals are actually worried that online counselor try to replace the conventional face to face psychotherapy. Now, there are lots of psychotherapists who are offering online counseling or at least, using technology to further enhance the relationships with the existing client.

Would it not be great to get without commuting or scheduling hassles? There are numerous people who find that engaging in online counseling is more convenient, easier and also, more cost effective. The concept of logging on from home or anywhere with Wi-Fi and laptop or computer is actually quite an appealing option.

So, how is online therapy is done? Chat, webcam and email are actually the most typical methods of how it is executed. There are some therapists that offer counseling in the virtual world too. But most of the time, online counseling is text based or in other words, the usual cues of seeing and hearing aren’t available. Some even describe email therapy like exchanging letters. Chat therapy is traditional in style and compare it readily to the process of conventional psychotherapy.

With the advances in technology, webcams now offer higher resolution images compared to what it was several years ago. Webcams have introduced the visual and audio components into the process. any of these methods of delivery can be singularly used or in conjunction with each.

Say for example that you are interested in taking e-therapy sessions, then you have to make sure that you’ve chosen an online counselor who understands the significance of confidentiality and offering alternatives to the conventional email and chat. Preferably, your communication must be encrypted and secure and varieties of free encryption options that are user friendly. There are lots of therapists who are practicing online that have additional education which indicates certain level of their proficiency.

Therapists who acquired additional training normally indicate the training on their page. Therapists might even opt to be certified as DCC or Distance Credentialed Counselor. Such designation is suggesting basic level of expertise. Apart from that, you have to verify the other credentials that the online relationship counselor has. Well at minimum, you may expect the therapist to practice independently. As a matter of fact in the US, this is normally indicated by the state license.


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